Filomena Manti


Having always had a curiosity for the world, Filomena began her journey by studying Ethnography; a discipline that gave her the opportunity to travel and live amongst different cultures of far away countries. After exploring America and the major cities of Europe, she arrived in Indonesia, where she came into contact with the great master leather craftsmen of the country. Fascinated and inspired by their work, she decided to obtain an MA in Textile and Leather Bags. From here came her first Fida project: a haute de gamme capsule where every bag told a story, realizing the fusion of tradition and modernity. This was achieved by mixing drawings and handmade inlays, typical ofIndonesian culture, with contemporary forms of European style.
Eventually, Filomena decided to return to Italy, with the aim of combining the influences of her past experiences overseas, with the craftsmanship typical of ‘Made in Italy'… Amanti was born. In the wake of these strong contrasts between dreams and reality as well as disillusionment and pragmatism, her creations are characterized by these elegant and simple forms, complimented by the material elements that accentuate Amanti's authenticity and creativity.